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Ratified Guidelines, Report 2015-05-15
List of ratified guidelines

CFPA_E_Guideline_No_07_2018_N-1CFPA E Guideline No 7 2018 N-1
Demountable / Mobile flood protection systems
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CFPA E Guideline No 6 2016 N
Forest Fires
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CFPA_E_Guideline_No_05_2014_N-1CFPA E Guideline No 5 2014 N
Managing heavy snow loads on roofs
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CFPA_E_Guideline_No_04_2013_N-1CFPA E Guideline No 4 2013 N
Lightning protection
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CFPA_E_Guideline_No_03_2013_N-1CFPA E Guideline No 3 2013 N
Protection of buildings against wind damage
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CFPA_E_Guideline_No_02_2013_N-1CFPA E Guideline No 2 2013 N
Business Resilience – An introduction to protecting your business
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CFPA_E_Guideline_No_01_2012_N-1CFPA E Guideline No 1 2012 N
Protection against flood
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