CFPA Europe

The Confederation of Fire Protection Association Europe (CFPA-Europe) is an association of national organisations in Europe concerned primarily with fire prevention & protection and also safety & security and other associated risks.

CFPA Europe is the European confederation of national fire protection organisations.

CFPA-E’s products are International exchange, training, guidelines, education standards, arson prevention and conferences.

CFPA-E publish newsletters and recommendations on European level.


CFPA Europe was founded in the early seventies by several Fire Protection Associations from Europe, first as a conference mainly for exchange of information, some years later it was transformed to a confederation with the aim of the elaboration of European fire Protection recommendations (e.g. safety in hotels, arson prevention etc.).

The members are 18 Fire Protection Associations from 17 countries (Europe). CFPA-E only consists of European countries. It is a non profit organisation.

The executive bodies consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Management committee, General Assembly, Treasury and Commissions.