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Nordic Building Conference hosted by DBI

DBI_BuildingDay2014_Invitation-1Copenhagen, 19 November (+ dinner 18 November)

EU standardization and sustainability are important factors influencing the future of building materials. Innovative thinking and new product development are thus required in order to respond to market needs.

DBI Building Day 2014 is a conference benchmarking the effect of applied research for the Nordic building and construction industry. Get a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts within fire technology, innovation and standardization.

For more information and sign up visit DBI’s homepage.

International Conference “Fire Extinguishing Systems”

VdS_Fire Safety2Topics of the international conference “Fire Extinguishing Systems” are now available online. // The 3rd VdS Fire Safety Cologne (on 9th and 10th of December in Cologne, Germany) combines four of the most important VdS conferences, a science forum and the only fair for fire protection in the Rhineland.

Read the press release here

Successful General Assembly in Copenhagen


On 20-24th May 2014, 34 CFPA members met in Copenhagen for the annual General Assembly of CFPA Europe, Asia and International. Several continents were represented with participants coming from a number of European countries, from different Asian countries as well as Australia and the USA.

For CFPA Europe, the strategy was updated to increase focus on customer centered services, cooperation and endorsement, lobbying, promotion, CFPA International, and membership and network. The goal of the renewed strategy is to professionalize the organization and to achieve greater involvement from the member organizations.

In addition to the General Assembly, the professional program included a fire conference and a visit to an educational center for fire & rescue services in Sweden.


Jesper Ditlev was confirmed as Chairman, and Ingeborg Schlosser, Anders Bergkvist and Guillaume Savornin were reelected. Besides, a new Commission (Promotion) was established. The new members of the management committee are as follows:

– Miguel Vidueira, Guidelines Commission (replacing Matti Orrainen)
– Sue Tyley, Training Commission (replacing Howard Passey)
– Jim Glockling, Research Commission (replacing Per-Erik Johansson)
– Mirna Rodriguez, Promotion Commission

 Social program

Additionally to the professional program, the participants went on sightseeing trips in both Copenhagen and Swedish Helsingborg, and also enjoyed a night in the famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The atmosphere was very good, and also judged from some of the comments received afterwards, the CFPA meetings were a great success.

“I would like to thank you and DBI for the perfect organization, the gifts and the marvellous days we have passed in Copenhagen. I think I may speak for all participants.”

“Thanks a lot for all the perfect organization managed by DBI during these CFPA days. It will be difficult to host the next GA and compete at such a level.”


Meet DBI at ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen

DBI is participating at Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2014, which takes place in Copenhagen from June 21-26. On a joint stand with the other GTS institutes (which is a network of nine independent Danish research and technology organizations), Martin Sandau Christiansen from DBI will demonstrate an eight camera multi-view stereo set-up that focuses on human identification based on build and gait. This technique, for instance, can be used to identify perpetrators of crimes.

ESOF is Europe’s largest general science meeting and is held in a European city every second year. The aim of this year’s conference is to reinforce the awareness of European science, technology and innovation. The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science expects 4,500 delegates and 30,000–50,000 visitors to Science in the City Festival that will take place in the Carlsberg City District during the conference.

Learn more about ESOF 2014 or contact Martin Sandau Christiansen for further information.


Has European fire safety research moved down a gear?

Has European fire safety research moved down a gear?

Fire safety engineers need both useable data on the properties of fire safety technology and standards that are closer to the reality. That was the verdict from Eurofire 2013

DBI is on the right track with its intense and increasing focus on research and development in the field of materials. This was the conclusion reached following the Eurofire 2013 Conference which took place in the Swiss city of Basel on 9th and 10th October.

– The conclusion reached at the conference was that research into fire safety technology was on the increase up to the turn of the century but has gone into decline since then. This is probably due to decreased funding. At the same time, new requirements, new construction materials and increasing requirements with regard to, for example, sustainability, also play a role because this requires that new methods of fire protection need to be developed. Thus, at the conference it was abundantly clear that there is a need for new knowledge in a variety of areas, concludes fire technology consultant, Anders Dragsted from DBI, a delegate at the conference.

Standards don’t correspond to the reality
The need for knowledge is due, in part, to a widespread worry that the many standards for fire testing do not adequately correspond to the reality. The same applies when it comes to the dimensioning of fire safety technology whereby fire safety regulations are met using calculations or simulations.

– An important message from the conference was that there is a real risk that fire safety engineers lose touch with reality and are no longer critical enough of simulated results. Therefore, we need to ensure that standards and methods match the reality more closely. Otherwise we run the risk of regulatory authorities losing confidence finding it necessary to introduce more stringent rules to the cost of dimensioning of fire safety technology, which is an important element in the ability to work with function-based fire safety requirements, insists Anders Dragsted.

Lack of data on materials
At the same time, there is a lack of fire technology data for components and construction materials in a form that can be used in calculations, which are often extremely complicated.

– Most data on material is defined on the basis of European or national standards for fire classification. However, typically there are a few discrete values for the product and that can make it difficult to use this data in calculation programs which require continuous data, says Anders Dragsted.

An example of this is the fire technology classification ’reaction to fire’ which can be, for instance, B-s1, d0. The first letter describes the extent to which the construction material is conducive to fire and the subsequent letters describe smoke production and the release of burning particles respectively.

– Such a classification cannot be used in fire technology calculations or simulations because the classification is awarded on the basis of several different parameters. The underlying test results are also difficult to use because they are only applicable to the specific conditions defined by the testing standard and those conditions are unlikely to occur in a real fire, explains Anders Dragsted.

The Fire Tools project can plug knowledge gaps
Once again, the conference proved that DBI is on the right track. Professor Patrick van Hees from Lund University presented the research project, Fire Tools, which DBI is coordinating, and it was widely agreed that Fire Tools can help plug the gaps in knowledge.

Namely, the aim of Fire Tools is precisely to create computer simulation tools, methods and models that use the traditionally expensive and time-consuming fire tests optimally while, at the same time, reduce the differences between simulation and reality. Five international PhD students are carrying out research in the project in order to contribute with crucial and useable knowledge about the modelling and simulation of fire safety.

– Better tools mean more opportunities for fire technology dimensioning. Thus, if the Fire Tools project fulfils the ambitions set out for it, work can get underway on the methods that can lead the way in further developments in the field of fire safety, explains Anders Dragsted.


Facts about the Eurofire conference

Eurofire is a conference with a more all-encompassing objective than, for example, scientific conferences, whereby researchers present their results. At Eurofire there is greater focus on general trends in the field of fire safety than on concrete research results.

Perimeter Protection Systems – more important than ever

Security starts outside the building – CFPA Europe publishes first European training schedule for Perimeter Protection Systems


Numerous public institutions, commercial areas and industrialbuildings as well as their related open areas which are used for storage of material of all kinds are profitable targets for criminals and at the same time the security systems are often not a big challenge.

For many types of operation and sensitive infrastructures, traditionalshell and internal protection is not sufficient.Exterior systems are necessary: perimeter detection and protection systems.

In the new European training course the participants learn about the components of perimeter protection and detection systems and are enabled to evaluate these on their effectiveness and usefulness.

Further information on the seminar and the training organisations offering this course are available under

The information is available for free download here

European Meeting


As part of the celebration of 175 years of voluntary fire brigards in Turku, the chairmen of CFPA Europe, FEU and CTIF met and discussed about the future (Europe 2025), collaboration and common topics to work on.

The successful meeting was hosted by Mr. Pentti Partanen.

Eurofire 2013


Eurofire is “the” European Fire Safety Engineering Conference held in a European Country every two years.

The Swiss Fire Protection organization is proud to be Platinum sponsor of this years Eurofire Conference that will be held this year on October 9 and 10 in Basel, Switzerland.

Detailled information can be found here.