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Working for Fire Safety

Our goal is to prevent fires from occurring and to minimize the consequences of those that have started. With our guidelines, training, and knowledge sharing we advices how to prevent ignition of uncontrolled fires, and how to limit the development and consequences of those fires that couldn’t be prevented.

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Natural Hazards

Our objective is to minimize the consequences of extreme or unusual natural events that can cause loss of life, damage to property and disrupt human activities. Mainly we are doing that by publishing guidelines and sharing knowledge. We prioritize work that can contribute to UN’s goal about climate change.

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Safety and security

Our aim is to increase security and reduce harm caused by other, and to help everyone in the society, mainly companies and organisations, to unwanted change. By publishing guidelines, offering courses, and sharing knowledge we try to help companies and organisations to create the best possible solutions for protection.

Brief introduction about the organization

The Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe (CFPA-Europe) is an association of 26 national organisations in Europe concerned primarily with fire prevention & protection and ... also safety & security and other associated risks. CFPA-E’s products are training, education standards, guidelines, and information exchange. CFPA-E publishes newsletters and recommendations on European level. CFPA Europe contribute to UN’s 17 life-changing goals.
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December 2, 2024
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Purpose of CFPA E’ Newsletter:
– Informe and educate people in fire safety, security and natural hazards.
– Keep customers updated on the new guidelines, training courses and research projects of our associated institutions.
– Inform and update about technological innovations.
– Inform about upcoming European and International events.
– Connect with our audience through exchange of information.

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