3rd international VdS fire protection conference in the Netherlands

On June 2, 2016, international fire protection experts present current topics in […]

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Oct 2015


On June 2, 2016, international fire protection experts present current topics in the Dutch city of Zeist. // 3rd VdS conference “Fire Protection Systems” in the Netherlands. // Registration for the conference exhibition is now possible.

 Cologne, October 2, 2015. 280,000 fires in 2014 and economic losses of up to one billion Euros present enormous challenges for those responsible for fire protection in the Netherlands. As Europe´s number one institute for fire protection, VdS uses its experience gained during far more than 100 years to impart knowledge for optimal safety – especially for experts from the Netherlands at the 3rd VdS conference “Fire Protection Systems”

On June 2nd 2016 in Zeist, the usual variety of speakers from diverse fields will present numerous solutions that are taken from practical experience. Topics of the VdS conference include the certification of fire protection systems in the Netherlands, application possibilities and limits of different system techniques (foam extinguishing systems, gas extinguishing systems), special protection concepts for warehouses and power plants, experience from more than a decade of testing of older sprinkler systems as well as insights from fire tests with lithium ion batteries.

“This is already the 3rd conference in Zeist, and we will offer also in 2016 an exciting information forum for planners, installers and operators of fire protection systems, as well as for fire protection engineers, fire safety officers from all industries and loss prevention experts from the insurance industry”, Hans de Jong, Head of VdS offices Netherlands and Director of the event says. “And the conference exhibition with renowned specialist companies offers also this time the optimal opportunity for the professional exchange of fire protection experts.”

Conference languages are Dutch and English with simultaneous translation. You can find the program of the conference, including registration, at . Registrations as exhibitors are also possible as of now at .

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