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Perfect networking: CFPA at the VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2016

An international group of colleagues represented CFPA at the VdS-FireSafety 2016 (7th/8th December) – for the first time with an own CFPA exhibition booth. The CFPA booth was well visited throughout the fair. In total, CFPA could gain new contacts to about 170 international experts and exchange opinions and expertise about, among other things, certification, training and guidelines on a European level.


The 5th VdS-FireSafety set a new visitor record: It brought over 2,600 experts from 18 countries to the Cologne Exhibition Centre – 30% more than last year. As usual, it combined a large number of high-quality offers: six VdS conferences (“Fire Detection and Alarm Systems”, “Fire Extinguishing Systems”, “Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems”, “Structural Fire Protection”, “Urban Public Buildings” and the 40th seminar for Fire Protection Managers), the only fire safety fair in the Rhineland as well as a science and exhibitor forum with a total of 30 lectures on current research results and technical innovations – one of them explaining the work of CFPA Europe.


The experts at the CFPA booth came from many different countries and organizations, which gave visitors the chance to discuss a broad range of subjects. Among them were Kamila Kempna and Jan Smolka from GIT/Czech Republic, Mirna Rodriguez from Cepreven/Spain, Peter Stocker from Switzerland, Pia Mark from DBI/Denmark, and Tommy Arvidsson, Director of CFPA/UK. In addition, several further colleagues visited the fair: Jesper Ditlev from DBI/Denmark, Guillaume Savornin from CNPP/France, John Briggs from FPA/UK, and of course Ingeborg Schlosser from VdS/Germany, the organization hosting the fair. “Our participation with a booth was a success”, said Tommy Arvidsson directly after the two days in Cologne. “The number of visitors and the big interest has already led to the decision that CFPA Europe will return as exhibitor next year”.


“Many of our guests call the VdS-FireSafety their annual highlight”, sums up Lars Braun from VdS, organizer of the event. “The fact that we were able to support so many planners, engineers, architects, insurance and official experts and further specialists from all fire protection areas with comprehensive news, ideas and possibilities of exchange is pleasing our whole team.” On the basis of this success, VdS will again host the FireSafety Cologne in 2017 (on 6th and 7th of December 2017) and further expand the range of offers.


SPEK awarded at the Finnish Security Awards

SPEK’s and Insurance company LähiTapiola’s Hero training won the award for “The Security Act of the Year” at the annual Finnish Security Awards in October. SPEK’s member organizations were also well represented among those whose work was recognized.

Together with its partners, Security & Safety and Risk Management Magazine (Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta) awards annually different actors who have performed exceptionally and promoted safety in their work. This is to highlight the innovative and excellent work done in Finland in the field of safety and security.

The Security Act of the Year, Hero Training, is complimentary emergency fire extinguishing training provided by SPEK and LähiTapiola. The training is seen very useful as according to the statistics, in 2014 successful emergency fire extinguishing saved one life and prevented 12 injuries as well as financial damages for 20 million euros.

In addition, Mr Saku Rouvali and Mr Timo Tammisto from Jokivarsi voluntary fire brigade were awarded the prize of Volunteer of the Year. They have built two fire trucks which have been used frequently in youth work.

History was made at CFPA-E’s super week in Helsinki

Training and Guidelines Commissions held their first ever joint meeting in Helsinki on April 16th.

Training and Guidelines Commissions held their first ever joint meeting in Helsinki on April 16th.

CFPA-E had a real super week in Finland as four of its Commissions (Marketing and Information Commission, Guideline Commission, Training Commission and Security Commission) held their meetings in Helsinki from April 13th to 17th, 2015. Hosted by the Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK, the week culminated in a historical joint meeting between Training and Guidelines Commissions on April 16th. A first of its kind – but not the last.

The aim of the joint meeting was to increase the collaboration between the two Commissions. Through joint work, it is possible to integrate guidelines better into the training material done in the Training Commission and on the other hand it is important for the Training Commission to be able to express what sort of guidelines would be useful from the Guideline Commission for their needs.

In the meeting the two Commissions decided to gather guidelines into different packages which would also include complementary CFPA-E training courses. Another topic for discussion was adapting guidelines and courses for national requirements. The Commissions also decided to establish a joint working group to design a common European training package for fire engineers.

Vice chair of the Training Commission, Tobias Plantin from The Swedish Fire Protection Association SFPA sees the co-operation as a positive thing.

  • Guidelines and training courses often go hand in hand. The creation of packages is also a very good idea, especially from a client’s point of view. This is a very good start for the joint work of the Commissions, stated Plantin.

Miguel Vidueira from Spanish CEPREVEN and who is the chairman of the Guideline Commission agrees with Plantin. For Vidueira, the meeting was a success.

  • Up until today we have done our separate work, but it is obvious that these two Commissions have joint areas of interests which we can improve. The end result of the joint meeting was even a bit of a positive surprise as we were able to achieve concrete decisions and weren’t stuck in a level of theory and ideas, says Vidueira.

The two Commissions want to continue this fruitful co-operation also in the future but there needs to be a careful selection of joint topics in order to make the most of the available resources.

  • The main goal is that everyone in Europe recognizes CFPA-E as the number one brand for fire safety. We are heading this way but we are not there yet. Member countries in CFPA-E have started to see the added value of networking and co-operation which is a really positive thing. Our goal is to serve our customers the best way we can, and this common cause is achieved only through joint effort by the member states, concludes Vidueira.

Text & image: Taina Hanhikoski, The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK