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The Hellenic Institute for the Fire Protection of Structures (ELIPYKA) in collaboration with the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations – Europe (CFPA – E) organized a webinar entitled: Forest fires and buildings resilience, October 21, 2021.

George Mylonakis, making the introduction, referred to the need for a multilevel approach, in response to the question of whether we can do something in Wildland – Urban Interface areas, so that the buildings become more fire resilient.

In particular, he underlined what exactly ELIPYKA is doing with its 7 Commissions, in the direction of this approach.

Dr. Sofia Karma, as a representative of Mr. Efthymios Bakoyannis, Secretary General of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, of the Ministry of Energy and Environment, gave important information on updating and improving the Fire Protection Regulation.


Tommy Ardvisson gave an overview of the mission of CFPA-E, with its commissions on Natural Hazards, Guidelines, Training, Marketing & Information and Safety, as well as information on CFPA Ambassadors.

Miguel Vidueira presented CFPA Guideline 61 on Forest Fires, which provides information on:

  • How a fire develops and spreads
  • Forest fire prevention techniques
  • Forest Firefighting
  • Life in Wildland – Urban Interface areas, providing practical advice for carrying out activities in the forest and instructions for the minimum distances of structures from it, the distances between chimneys and trees, etc.


Dr. Guido Zaccarelli underlined the dramatic increase of forest fires in Italy, from 2017 onwards and referred to the causes of them, with a detailed statistical analysis and rich evidence.

He then presented a multi-level action plan, of the Italian Administration, which consists of:

  • study and analysis for prevention
  • development of trans-European synergies
  • organization for optimal use of the existing infrastructure, the development of technologies for detection and suppression of fires
  • Suppression with severe law enforcement and penalties for arson-related crimes.


Dr. Mingyi Wang, referred to the strategic focus on “Implementing Adaptation Solutions to the Impact of Climate Change and Sustainability in Managing Extreme Weather Risk” at all levels (local, regional, national and European).


Finally, Dr. Yiannis Kontoulis, starting with the question of how we can save lives and property in Wildland – Urban Interface areas, referred to the views of experts, which are summarized on:

  • securing access to these areas,
  • the use of non-combustible materials A1 and A2 in nearby buildings
  • assessing these areas from fire hazard, creating fire hazard maps

Fire hazard maps, combined with seismic hazard maps and energy saving climate zones, could be what he called the “Resilience Triangle.”



Fire Safety Challenges of Timber Buildings – The program of the SZPV & CFPA Europe conference (Wednesday, September 15th, 2021)

About the Conference

It is estimated that globally, two billion square meters of new building stock are needed every year between now and 2025, especially for housing. Global carbon dioxide emissions have increased by almost 50% since 1990, and as it is seen, in the search for sustainable development, timber buildings seem to take precedence. In addition to environmental friendliness, timber buildings pose some additional risks, such as fire safety.

The online conference will bring together a multidisciplinary group of leading engineers and researchers in the domain of fire risk assessment, building design, and construction. Agenda topics will include design objectives, practical experiences, and research. The conference will provide time for facilitated discussion and dialogue.

Conference fee and registration: 50 € plus VAT, Register today:

Conference program

09.45 – Registration

10.00 – 10.15: Conference Openings

  • Milan Hajduković, president of SZPV
  • Tommy Arvidsson, director of CFPA Europe

Panel 1: 10.15 – 11.00: Design Objectives for Timber buildings – Codes, guidelines, and fire risk evaluations

  • Björn Karlsson, Associate Professor, University of Iceland & CFPA Europe: Comparing the Fire Risk in a Timber Frame Building and a Concrete Frame Building – Design Strategies to diminish fire risk

11.00 – 11.10 Coffe break / Time for sponsor presentations

Panel 2: 11.10 – 12.30: Practical experiences

  • Nik Kumer, Bruno Dujič: Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) – Fire Safety depends on Details
  • Srečo Klemenčič: Fire stopping of service installations in timber fire separating elements
  • Aleš Jug: Firefighting in timber buildings
  • Nataša Knez, ZAG: Improvement of reaction to fire properties of wood by treatment with mineralization

12.30 – 12.45 Coffe break / Time for sponsor presentations

Panel 3: 12.45 – 13.30: Research and Future Steps

    • Robert Pečenko, Tomaž Hozjan (UL FGG) in Sabina Huč (UL FKKT): Fire resistance of timber structures – research and development of design methods
    • Friderik Knez, ZAG: Boosting fire research in Slovenia and South Central Europe with EU funded ERA Chair

13.30 – 14.00 Wrapping up the conference – discussion + Q&A


Agora of Security Directors


The co-construction of the concept of security and safety is essential, according to Christophe Ramy, Head of the Security Division, Health & Safety Division ITER Organization and President of the Agora club of Southeast Security Directors.

For Guillaume Savornin – Chief Executive Officer of CNPP, people are indeed at the heart of risk management and control.
Yannick Grivaud, for his part, underlines the need for education around regulations and the sharing of good practices.

What then are the challenges of training?
How do you adapt humans to solving complex problems?
How to educate the employee at the request of specific training?
How to develop training to increase interest and be as close as possible to the reality on the ground?
How to support in the continuity of anticipation and prevention?

Answers in the REPLAY

Atene 7

1st Conference for the fire protection of sctructures, 7-8 Feb 2020, Athens, Greece

Organized by the Hellenic Institute for the Fire Protection of Structures (EL.I.PY.KA.)

The 1st Conference for the Fire Protection of Structures, Athens, Greece, organized by the Hellenic Institute for the Fire Protection of Structures (EL.I.PY.KA.) took place at Eugenides Foundation during 07-08/02/2020, It was attended by more than 500 delegates from all over Greece and abroad. Among attendees were engineers, executives from Greek ministries, state organizations and Fire Brigade, who had the opportunity to follow 23 presentations from an international panel. Among presenters, were several academics, internationally acclaimed scientists, certified fire engineers, fire safety researchers and consultants, Fire Brigade officers, audit and consulting engineers and risk assessment and certification organizations’ executives.

Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy, Mr. Dimitri Economou, saluted the Conference and so did the representative for the General Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Urban Environment.

Atene 6

The conference covered important issues on fire protection in Greece as well as the international view with presenting participants from Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Cyprus and Singapore, as well as representatives from EURIMA and CFPA-Europe.

Presentations raised the issue of fire protection regulation in Greece, commented on its legal dimension and the role and capability of local fire testing laboratories, shared best practices regarding external façade systems of buildings, steel structures and fire resistant doors and also examined the critical issue of Wildlife-Urban Interface (WUI). Furthermore, other presentations gave instances of European and global experiences. Interesting points were made regarding building evacuation policies, compliance with fire protection requirements for building facades and the role of fire engineers in a modern context of Fire Safety in Structures. Dr. Amaya Osacar, member of the Fire working group of EURIMA, stated the importance of the role of architects in a holistic approach of building design that takes into account fire protection early on the building design.


On behalf of EL.I.PY.KA. Dr. Yiannis Kontoulis, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented the Institute’s vision, aims and proposals for a sustainable and safe development in construction, through an applicable model of fire safety audits, specifications, studies, construction approaches and systems & personnel certification, including the necessity of enrichment for the existing Regulatory Framework and creation of an effective control mechanism. The conference also presented proposals by EL.I.PY.KA, regarding a methodology for checking Existing Buildings’ compliance with Fire Protection Regulations, as well as a comprehensive proposal for the creation of evaluation standards, linking the Market needs and experience with the studies and training of new engineers.

The discussion that followed brought forward the importance of the initiative and the role of EL.I.PY.KA. All participants made a pledge to follow up on this effort, both with the organization of a subsequent conference and of course with the presentations in other Greek cities.

In conclusion, the success and dynamism of the first conference of EL.I.PY.KA, as well as the Institute’s contribution to the Fire Safety discussion until now, has shown its ability to coordinate the ongoing effort and to continue being a reliable partner for all parties sharing the common goal to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property because of fire.



International VdS conference „Fire Protection Systems“ in Bucharest, Romania, April 29th 2020: The programme is ready to be downloaded!

Cologne, January 2020. The programme of the second international VdS-conference on fire protection systems, April 29th, 2020 in Bucharest (Romania), can now be downloaded as PDF-file from At the conference, international experts from industry and fire protection organisations will present an overview on current technology and developments as well as numerous solutions based on practical experience. The participants can look forward to the following topics:

  • Automatic fire protection systems from the point of view of fire
  • Sprinkler systems: new developments in the guidelines VdS CEA 4001 for planning and installation
  • Major fire and reconstruction of a medium-sized sawmill
  • Operational readiness of water extinguishing systems
  • Automatic water extinguishing systems from view of installer
  • Planning and installation of water mist systems
  • Water mist protection of an underground mass transport system

In addition there will be an exhibition at the conference site where international companies will present their current solutions, among them Siemens, Salzgitter Mannesmann, Viking and FireDos. CFPA Europe will also be present at the exhibition! At the evening of April 28th a get-together with possibilities to visit the exhibition takes place.

The conference will be held in cooperation with ROFMA, the Romanian Facility Management Association.
Conference languages are Romanian and English with simultaneous translation.
Registration for exhibition and conference is now open.
More information on the conference at
For exhibitors: please mail to

EAPFP meeting 2 (1)

CFPA Europe has been invited to the EAPFP’s meeting in Edinburgh on 7-8 November

Our director Tommy Arvidsson gave a speak about CFPA E and informed about some very successful projects within CFPA Europe. He also talk about the conditions for cooperation and its importance for the CFPA E. EAPFP is the European Association for Passive Fire Protection and the chair in Miroslav Smolka from Slovakia, left on the photo. In the middle is Ana Ferreira from APSEI. APSEI is member of both EAPFP and CFPA Europe.

First Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre in Scandinavia certified according to EN 50518

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Rune Høiseth Mayor Larvik, Johnny Eliassen Landlord HG Eiendom, Henrik Magnusson Project manager, Management Falck Denmark

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Rune Høiseth Mayor Larvik, Johnny Eliassen Landlord HG Eiendom, Henrik Magnusson Project manager, Management Falck Denmark

In October 2015, VdS Schadenverhütung has audited and certified the first monitoring and alarm receiving centre (MARC) in Larvik, Norway according to EN 50518: Falck Redning AS. This is the first monitoring and alarm receiving centre which has been certified to this relatively new standard.

Due to a high grade of experience in this field and the participation in the development of the standard, the company Falck Redning AS contacted VdS for this certification procedure. Of course, VdS did not miss this chance and took the opportunity to translate the procedure guidelines and the correspondence into English language. At first stage in August 2014, a first exploratory discussion with Falck Redning AS in Larvik was held. Then, during telephone conversations and mail correspondence all further questions on constructional, technical and organizational requirements of the standard were clarified with the project manager of Falck, the charged representatives of the respective subsections and the Norwegian insurer. During the further planning especially the verification management of product conformity to the European standard for façade elements (doors, windows), the lightening, fire and intrusion protection as well as monitoring and alarm receiving techniques of the MARC were checked by VdS. The procedure of VdS foresees preliminary examinations for determination of standard conformity before a final expert assessment after completion of the MARC is performed. The influence of the information technology here, also takes an essential part, even if at this time the standard EN 50518 does not contain concrete requirements.

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Ola Aas Løwer ARC Manager

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Ola Aas Løwer ARC Manager

After commissioning and successful certification of the monitoring and alarm receiving centre, Falck Redning AS has invited interested parties, as insurers and Norwegian operators of control centres to a two-days workshop on site. On this occasion, VdS was able to present the essential requirements of the standard EN 50518 as well as the associated certification procedure. As a result of this workshop VdS recorded two new applications for certification in Norway and the planning of further discussions. This makes obvious that the expertise of highly qualified VdS staff is also of interest abroad. VdS is happy with a high demand of international activities also in the field of security service.

3rd international VdS fire protection conference in the Netherlands


On June 2, 2016, international fire protection experts present current topics in the Dutch city of Zeist. // 3rd VdS conference “Fire Protection Systems” in the Netherlands. // Registration for the conference exhibition is now possible.

 Cologne, October 2, 2015. 280,000 fires in 2014 and economic losses of up to one billion Euros present enormous challenges for those responsible for fire protection in the Netherlands. As Europe´s number one institute for fire protection, VdS uses its experience gained during far more than 100 years to impart knowledge for optimal safety – especially for experts from the Netherlands at the 3rd VdS conference “Fire Protection Systems”

On June 2nd 2016 in Zeist, the usual variety of speakers from diverse fields will present numerous solutions that are taken from practical experience. Topics of the VdS conference include the certification of fire protection systems in the Netherlands, application possibilities and limits of different system techniques (foam extinguishing systems, gas extinguishing systems), special protection concepts for warehouses and power plants, experience from more than a decade of testing of older sprinkler systems as well as insights from fire tests with lithium ion batteries.

“This is already the 3rd conference in Zeist, and we will offer also in 2016 an exciting information forum for planners, installers and operators of fire protection systems, as well as for fire protection engineers, fire safety officers from all industries and loss prevention experts from the insurance industry”, Hans de Jong, Head of VdS offices Netherlands and Director of the event says. “And the conference exhibition with renowned specialist companies offers also this time the optimal opportunity for the professional exchange of fire protection experts.”

Conference languages are Dutch and English with simultaneous translation. You can find the program of the conference, including registration, at . Registrations as exhibitors are also possible as of now at .

April 2016: 2. VdS Conference „Risk Management and Fire Safety” in Istanbul


Second joint conference by VdS, Europe´s No 1 for safety, and the Vienna-based consultancy Risk Experts. // Professionals from different sectors present solutions for fire protection and loss prevention with regional focus on April 25 and 26 in Istanbul.

 Cologne, September 3 2015. On 25 and 26 April 2016, the 2nd international conference of experts on risk management, loss prevention, and fire protection will take place in Istanbul. Having successfully started this project in late 2014, VdS Loss Prevention (Cologne) and Risk Experts (Vienna) are extending their cooperation in this regard.

During the conference over two days, experts from Germany, Austria, and Turkey who gained their experience all over the world will present a variety of topics: fire risks, operational hazards, business interruption along with corresponding protection concepts in the (automotive) industry and power generation, problems and risks of infrastructure projects, damage due to fire and corresponding repair actions, cyber security, and many other topics. Of course, the particular focus will be upon the regional challenges in Turkey.

Robert Reinermann – managing director of VdS Schadenverhütung – and Michael Buser – managing director of Risk Experts – will be pleased to present the conference. Moreover, the participants will get the opportunity to visit the accompanying trade fair presented by German, Austrian, and Turkish companies. Therefore, the conference will be a perfect platform for exchange of experiences on an international level.

The costs for participation amount to EUR 440.00 (plus VAT) per person. You will get an early bird discount of EUR 70.00 for bookings placed before 01 January 2016. Conference languages will be English and Turkish with simultaneous interpreting.

Please contact Ms. Monika Schreiner ( (German / English) or Ms. Nurten Altintas ( (Turkish / English) for more details.

You are interested in the trade fair: please contact Ms. Sudiye Arigün ( (German / Turkish) or Ms. Ingeborg Schlosser ( (German / English).

Look up a résumé of the conference 2014 here:

EGOLF Harmonisation course

DBI will be hosting an EGOLF Harmonization course:

EN 1366-1, EN 1366-8 Fire resistance tests for service installations: Part 1 & 8
Ventilation ducts and smoke extraction ducts

Anders Drustrup, DBI.
Juergen F. Pennings, MPA NRW

Time and place
24-25 March at DBI, Copenhagen

EGOLF members – € 950
Non EGOLF members € 1,250

More information available in the EGOLF Harmonization course flyer.
Sign up for the course by filling out the form at DBI’s website.