Successful General Assembly in Copenhagen

On 20-24th May 2014, 34 CFPA members met in Copenhagen for the […]

May 2014


On 20-24th May 2014, 34 CFPA members met in Copenhagen for the annual General Assembly of CFPA Europe, Asia and International. Several continents were represented with participants coming from a number of European countries, from different Asian countries as well as Australia and the USA.

For CFPA Europe, the strategy was updated to increase focus on customer centered services, cooperation and endorsement, lobbying, promotion, CFPA International, and membership and network. The goal of the renewed strategy is to professionalize the organization and to achieve greater involvement from the member organizations.

In addition to the General Assembly, the professional program included a fire conference and a visit to an educational center for fire & rescue services in Sweden.


Jesper Ditlev was confirmed as Chairman, and Ingeborg Schlosser, Anders Bergkvist and Guillaume Savornin were reelected. Besides, a new Commission (Promotion) was established. The new members of the management committee are as follows:

– Miguel Vidueira, Guidelines Commission (replacing Matti Orrainen)
– Sue Tyley, Training Commission (replacing Howard Passey)
– Jim Glockling, Research Commission (replacing Per-Erik Johansson)
– Mirna Rodriguez, Promotion Commission

 Social program

Additionally to the professional program, the participants went on sightseeing trips in both Copenhagen and Swedish Helsingborg, and also enjoyed a night in the famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The atmosphere was very good, and also judged from some of the comments received afterwards, the CFPA meetings were a great success.

“I would like to thank you and DBI for the perfect organization, the gifts and the marvellous days we have passed in Copenhagen. I think I may speak for all participants.”

“Thanks a lot for all the perfect organization managed by DBI during these CFPA days. It will be difficult to host the next GA and compete at such a level.”

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