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CFPA-E Guidelines No. 10:2016/S
Protection of Business Intelligence

CFPA-E Guidelines No. 9:2016/S
Recommendation for the Control of Metal Theft

CFPA-E Guidelines No. 8:2016/S
Security in Schools

CFPA-E Guidelines No.7:2016/S
Developing Evacuation and Salvage Plans for Works of Art and Heritage Buildings

CFPA-E Guidelines No 06:2014 S
Security Guidelines Emergency Exit Doors in non Residential Premisis

Guidelines Museums No 05:2012 S
Security Guidelines for Museums and showrooms

CFPA-E Guidelines No 04:2010 S
Guidance on keyholder selections and duties

CFPA-E Guidelines No 03:2010 S
Security Systems for Empty Buildings

CFPA-E Guidelines No 02:2010 S
Protection of Empty Buildings

CFPA-E Guidelines No 01:2010 S
Arson Document



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