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EAPFP meeting 2 (1)

CFPA Europe has been invited to the EAPFP’s meeting in Edinburgh on 7-8 November

Our director Tommy Arvidsson gave a speak about CFPA E and informed about some very successful projects within CFPA Europe. He also talk about the conditions for cooperation and its importance for the CFPA E. EAPFP is the European Association for Passive Fire Protection and the chair in Miroslav Smolka from Slovakia, left on the photo. In the middle is Ana Ferreira from APSEI. APSEI is member of both EAPFP and CFPA Europe.

First Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre in Scandinavia certified according to EN 50518

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Rune Høiseth Mayor Larvik, Johnny Eliassen Landlord HG Eiendom, Henrik Magnusson Project manager, Management Falck Denmark

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Rune Høiseth Mayor Larvik, Johnny Eliassen Landlord HG Eiendom, Henrik Magnusson Project manager, Management Falck Denmark

In October 2015, VdS Schadenverhütung has audited and certified the first monitoring and alarm receiving centre (MARC) in Larvik, Norway according to EN 50518: Falck Redning AS. This is the first monitoring and alarm receiving centre which has been certified to this relatively new standard.

Due to a high grade of experience in this field and the participation in the development of the standard, the company Falck Redning AS contacted VdS for this certification procedure. Of course, VdS did not miss this chance and took the opportunity to translate the procedure guidelines and the correspondence into English language. At first stage in August 2014, a first exploratory discussion with Falck Redning AS in Larvik was held. Then, during telephone conversations and mail correspondence all further questions on constructional, technical and organizational requirements of the standard were clarified with the project manager of Falck, the charged representatives of the respective subsections and the Norwegian insurer. During the further planning especially the verification management of product conformity to the European standard for façade elements (doors, windows), the lightening, fire and intrusion protection as well as monitoring and alarm receiving techniques of the MARC were checked by VdS. The procedure of VdS foresees preliminary examinations for determination of standard conformity before a final expert assessment after completion of the MARC is performed. The influence of the information technology here, also takes an essential part, even if at this time the standard EN 50518 does not contain concrete requirements.

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Ola Aas Løwer ARC Manager

Peter Sinervo CEO Falck Norway, Ola Aas Løwer ARC Manager

After commissioning and successful certification of the monitoring and alarm receiving centre, Falck Redning AS has invited interested parties, as insurers and Norwegian operators of control centres to a two-days workshop on site. On this occasion, VdS was able to present the essential requirements of the standard EN 50518 as well as the associated certification procedure. As a result of this workshop VdS recorded two new applications for certification in Norway and the planning of further discussions. This makes obvious that the expertise of highly qualified VdS staff is also of interest abroad. VdS is happy with a high demand of international activities also in the field of security service.

3rd international VdS fire protection conference in the Netherlands


On June 2, 2016, international fire protection experts present current topics in the Dutch city of Zeist. // 3rd VdS conference “Fire Protection Systems” in the Netherlands. // Registration for the conference exhibition is now possible.

 Cologne, October 2, 2015. 280,000 fires in 2014 and economic losses of up to one billion Euros present enormous challenges for those responsible for fire protection in the Netherlands. As Europe´s number one institute for fire protection, VdS uses its experience gained during far more than 100 years to impart knowledge for optimal safety – especially for experts from the Netherlands at the 3rd VdS conference “Fire Protection Systems”

On June 2nd 2016 in Zeist, the usual variety of speakers from diverse fields will present numerous solutions that are taken from practical experience. Topics of the VdS conference include the certification of fire protection systems in the Netherlands, application possibilities and limits of different system techniques (foam extinguishing systems, gas extinguishing systems), special protection concepts for warehouses and power plants, experience from more than a decade of testing of older sprinkler systems as well as insights from fire tests with lithium ion batteries.

“This is already the 3rd conference in Zeist, and we will offer also in 2016 an exciting information forum for planners, installers and operators of fire protection systems, as well as for fire protection engineers, fire safety officers from all industries and loss prevention experts from the insurance industry”, Hans de Jong, Head of VdS offices Netherlands and Director of the event says. “And the conference exhibition with renowned specialist companies offers also this time the optimal opportunity for the professional exchange of fire protection experts.”

Conference languages are Dutch and English with simultaneous translation. You can find the program of the conference, including registration, at . Registrations as exhibitors are also possible as of now at .

April 2016: 2. VdS Conference „Risk Management and Fire Safety” in Istanbul


Second joint conference by VdS, Europe´s No 1 for safety, and the Vienna-based consultancy Risk Experts. // Professionals from different sectors present solutions for fire protection and loss prevention with regional focus on April 25 and 26 in Istanbul.

 Cologne, September 3 2015. On 25 and 26 April 2016, the 2nd international conference of experts on risk management, loss prevention, and fire protection will take place in Istanbul. Having successfully started this project in late 2014, VdS Loss Prevention (Cologne) and Risk Experts (Vienna) are extending their cooperation in this regard.

During the conference over two days, experts from Germany, Austria, and Turkey who gained their experience all over the world will present a variety of topics: fire risks, operational hazards, business interruption along with corresponding protection concepts in the (automotive) industry and power generation, problems and risks of infrastructure projects, damage due to fire and corresponding repair actions, cyber security, and many other topics. Of course, the particular focus will be upon the regional challenges in Turkey.

Robert Reinermann – managing director of VdS Schadenverhütung – and Michael Buser – managing director of Risk Experts – will be pleased to present the conference. Moreover, the participants will get the opportunity to visit the accompanying trade fair presented by German, Austrian, and Turkish companies. Therefore, the conference will be a perfect platform for exchange of experiences on an international level.

The costs for participation amount to EUR 440.00 (plus VAT) per person. You will get an early bird discount of EUR 70.00 for bookings placed before 01 January 2016. Conference languages will be English and Turkish with simultaneous interpreting.

Please contact Ms. Monika Schreiner ( (German / English) or Ms. Nurten Altintas ( (Turkish / English) for more details.

You are interested in the trade fair: please contact Ms. Sudiye Arigün ( (German / Turkish) or Ms. Ingeborg Schlosser ( (German / English).

Look up a résumé of the conference 2014 here:

EGOLF Harmonisation course

DBI will be hosting an EGOLF Harmonization course:

EN 1366-1, EN 1366-8 Fire resistance tests for service installations: Part 1 & 8
Ventilation ducts and smoke extraction ducts

Anders Drustrup, DBI.
Juergen F. Pennings, MPA NRW

Time and place
24-25 March at DBI, Copenhagen

EGOLF members – € 950
Non EGOLF members € 1,250

More information available in the EGOLF Harmonization course flyer.
Sign up for the course by filling out the form at DBI’s website.

3rd VdS-FireSafety Cologne

VdS-FireSafety1 International expert meeting in the Rhineland

More than 1,600 fire protection experts were welcomed at the VdS-FireSafety event in the Cologne fair. // VdS, Europe´s No. 1 for corporate security and safety, combined the only fair for fire safety in the Rhineland with four of the most important VdS conferences and two forums. // The next event is already fixed: VdS again invites participants to Cologne for the 2nd and 3rd December 2015.

Cologne, December 18th 2014. More than 1,600 visitors from 20 countries were welcomed at this year’s VdS-FireSafety Cologne. On 9th and 10th December, the event – arranged by Europe´s No. 1 institute for fire protection – presented several highlights: Established as well as new solutions from industry and research were shown to more than 1,000 experts in the conferences for fire extinguishing systems (international), fire detection and alarm systems, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, as well as during the traditional 2 days of professional development for fire protection managers. At the same time, 90 renowned exhibitors introduced their products and innovations at the only fair for fire safety in the Rhineland. Moreover, experts from several research establishments and specialist firms presented more than 30 lectures at the integrated forum for science and exhibitors.

Lars Braun, the VdS expert in charge of this major event, states gladly: “The VdS-FireSafety Cologne has, within only 3 years, become a very important sector meeting point – demonstrated by the fact there were 1,600 participants from all over the world. It’s great that we could present so many opportunities for knowledge exchange to so many experts from industry, authorities and research centers.” Next year VdS will again invite participants to this comprehensive forum for optimum fire safety. “We are looking forward to welcoming the experts once more in 2015”, says Braun. “At the Cologne fair on December 2nd and 3rd; we will once again present the trade fair, the forum for science and exhibitors, and five VdS conferences – four dealing with the established topics of fire protection systems and organisational fire protection, and a new one on `Fire protection for existing buildings´”.

In more than 25 expert conferences per year with a wide range of training courses, VdS pools 100 years of experience in the field of fire protection.

Caption VdS_FireSafety 1: More than 90 renowned exhibitors presented their innovations for optimal protection at the VdS FireSafety Cologne.

Caption VdS_FireSafety 2: Cologne Mayor Hans Werner Bartsch (CDU, 2nd from right) with Robert Reinermann, VdS Managing Director (2nd from left), Ingeborg Schlosser, Head of the VdS Training Center, and Lars Braun, the expert in charge of the fair organisation.

About VdS

VdS is one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious institutions for corporate security and safety, specialising in fire protection, security and natural disaster prevention. Our services include risk assessments, on-site inspections, certifications of products, companies and specialists, and a comprehensive training and publication programme.

The VdS seal of approval enjoys an excellent reputation in professional circles and among decision makers. VdS’ clients include industrial and commercial businesses in all industries, leading international manufacturers, system houses and professional specialists, as well as risk-conscious banks and insurers.

For further information please see:

VdS – Inspected. Approved. Safe.


Nordic Building Conference hosted by DBI

DBI_BuildingDay2014_Invitation-1Copenhagen, 19 November (+ dinner 18 November)

EU standardization and sustainability are important factors influencing the future of building materials. Innovative thinking and new product development are thus required in order to respond to market needs.

DBI Building Day 2014 is a conference benchmarking the effect of applied research for the Nordic building and construction industry. Get a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts within fire technology, innovation and standardization.

For more information and sign up visit DBI’s homepage.

Successful General Assembly in Copenhagen


On 20-24th May 2014, 34 CFPA members met in Copenhagen for the annual General Assembly of CFPA Europe, Asia and International. Several continents were represented with participants coming from a number of European countries, from different Asian countries as well as Australia and the USA.

For CFPA Europe, the strategy was updated to increase focus on customer centered services, cooperation and endorsement, lobbying, promotion, CFPA International, and membership and network. The goal of the renewed strategy is to professionalize the organization and to achieve greater involvement from the member organizations.

In addition to the General Assembly, the professional program included a fire conference and a visit to an educational center for fire & rescue services in Sweden.


Jesper Ditlev was confirmed as Chairman, and Ingeborg Schlosser, Anders Bergkvist and Guillaume Savornin were reelected. Besides, a new Commission (Promotion) was established. The new members of the management committee are as follows:

– Miguel Vidueira, Guidelines Commission (replacing Matti Orrainen)
– Sue Tyley, Training Commission (replacing Howard Passey)
– Jim Glockling, Research Commission (replacing Per-Erik Johansson)
– Mirna Rodriguez, Promotion Commission

 Social program

Additionally to the professional program, the participants went on sightseeing trips in both Copenhagen and Swedish Helsingborg, and also enjoyed a night in the famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The atmosphere was very good, and also judged from some of the comments received afterwards, the CFPA meetings were a great success.

“I would like to thank you and DBI for the perfect organization, the gifts and the marvellous days we have passed in Copenhagen. I think I may speak for all participants.”

“Thanks a lot for all the perfect organization managed by DBI during these CFPA days. It will be difficult to host the next GA and compete at such a level.”


Meet DBI at ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen

DBI is participating at Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2014, which takes place in Copenhagen from June 21-26. On a joint stand with the other GTS institutes (which is a network of nine independent Danish research and technology organizations), Martin Sandau Christiansen from DBI will demonstrate an eight camera multi-view stereo set-up that focuses on human identification based on build and gait. This technique, for instance, can be used to identify perpetrators of crimes.

ESOF is Europe’s largest general science meeting and is held in a European city every second year. The aim of this year’s conference is to reinforce the awareness of European science, technology and innovation. The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science expects 4,500 delegates and 30,000–50,000 visitors to Science in the City Festival that will take place in the Carlsberg City District during the conference.

Learn more about ESOF 2014 or contact Martin Sandau Christiansen for further information.