Research Commission

At the General Assembly in Leipzig, 4-5 June 2010, it was decided to set up a Research Commission. The aim of the work in this Research Commission is to exchange experiences, facilitate cooperation and exchange results in the area of fire research.The ambition is to decrease repetitions of research and tests carried out in the European countries.The commission has only just started, and the aim and work agenda will be discussed and developed in autumn, when the group will get together for their first meeting.

Presently the Research Commission consists of 14 organisations in different countries. The participants are as follows:

Country Organisation Representative
Belgium ANPI Alain Verhoyen
Denmark DBI Carsten Damgaard
Finland SPEK Teija Mankkinen
Finland Pelastusopisto Esa Kokki
France CNPP Armelle Muller
Germany VdS Dr. Claudia Rexfort
Iceland Iceland Construction Authority Björn Karlsson
Italy AIAS Titiano Zuccaro
Norway Norsk Brannvernforening Atle William Heskestad
Serbia DITUR Milovan Vidakovic
Slovenia SZPV Dr. Natasa Knez
Spain CEPREVEN Julia Maroto
Sweden Brandforsk Per-Erik Johansson, chairman
United Kingdom FPA Dr. Jim Glockling