Supporting the aims and work of CFPA Europe

Who can become an Ambassador?

All individuals, no matter where the person lives.

However, most likely it is individuals that are working or have a big interest in safety, particularly in fire safety, security and/or natural hazards.

Benefits for an Ambassador


Will be a part of CFPA Europe’s Ambassadors network.


Will be invited to the “CFPA Europe’s Ambassador chat group”. Where it is possible to ask questions to other Ambassadors.


Will get news from CFPA Europe: Newsletters, Articles, Conference information, etc.


In case having a new idea, etc. you can address it to the Director, who will take the proposal to an appropriate commission/group.


Need to pay the yearly Ambassador grant (fee) and accept that their name will be published on CFPA Europe’s website.

When a person sign to become Ambassadors they agree to:

  • Only use the CFPA Europe’s Ambassador logo and write about ambassador as CFPA E require.
  • That they cannot talk on the behalf of CFPA Europe.
  • Not talk or write misleading/false about CFPA Europe and our members.
  • The possibility for CFPA Europe to publish their name on our website.
  • Have a link to CFPA Europe’s website (where we inform about ambassadors) if they inform that they are an ambassador on their personal website.
  • Not use our Ambassador chat group for marketing of products and services.
  • Inform CFPA Europe about their location. Extra information (not compulsory) about work areas will be published after their name on CFPA Europe’s website.

Become an Ambassador

And introduction about why you should become a CFPA Ambassador.



Yearly fee in according to CFPA Europe’s Statutes. The invoice will be sent in the beginning of January each year and need to be paid latest end of February. No fee the calendar year when you registrate, and if you registrate in September – December there will not be any fee the next following year.

Resign and exclusion

Ambassador wishing to resign should write to CFPA Europe’s Director, who will inform the Secretary. An Ambassador will be excluded if the fee is not paid after the second reminder, if the Ambassador is giving misleading/false information about CFPA Europe, or opposes CFPA Europe’s members. If the Ambassador is using CFPA Europe’s logo it will also result in exclusion.

How to show Ambassadors on CFPA Europe’s website?
There will be a special page on CFPA Europe’s website where all Ambassadors will be listed (compulsory)

Use of CFPA E’s logo

An Ambassador is not allowed to use CFPA Europe’s logo but there exist a special logo for Ambassadors.

Use of CFPA E’s Ambassadors logo

They can write on their business card, in their CV, and their personal website that they are an Ambassador of the CFPA Europe.