Fire Risk Management

To provide students with technical knowledge to indentify fire risks, to make risk analyses, to manage fire risks, related financial risks as well as fire protection measures in industrial and commercial premises in order to make adequate recommendations to the management of the enterprise.

Duration : 5 days

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Identify fire risks in enterprises
  • Understand how to control their causes and minimize the consequences
  • Understand the scope, use and application of prevention and protection systems and techniques
  • Recommend technical and financial measurers in order to manage the firerisk

Safety managers, advisers or consultants of insurers.

Basic knowledge of fire safety and fire protection.

  • General principles of risk management (methodology, concepts)
  • Fire Risk control (elimination of fire risk, fire prevention evaluation, project engineering, legal criteria, human elements, training)
  • Fire risk planning (self financing, fire insurance, other financing means, cost/benefit analysis, economic/financial criteria
  • Emergency planning (pre-loss planning, post-loss planning)
  • Case study

4:2003 F; 7:2005 F; 19:2009 F

Written examination plus a case study presented in writing or orally

Diploma Optional subtitle «Fire Risk Manager CFPA-E»