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Slovenian Fire Protection Associa-tion (SZPV)

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Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

The national fire safety regulations are based on requirements of fire safety of occupants (people and animals), premises and environment. In Fire Protection Act, issued by Ministry of Defence, there are listed requirements, that Building regulation requirements shall be fulfilled: appliances, equipment, installations, elements and assemblies of structures shall be constructed and designed in the manner and from materials so as to ensure fire safety in compliance with the building regulations and technical requirements for building materials (according to EN standards). During the reconstruction and maintenance, fire safety of buildings must not be reducedThere are two ways to design a building that satisfies the requirements; prescribed design and performance based design. Both methods are equally valid.

Prescribed design is used more frequently, according to Technical guideline TSG 1-001, Fire safety in buildings, which is published by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

Remark: Slovenian Fire Protection Association is preparing the basis of TSG 1-001 since 2007. The last version was published in 2010. A new version is expected in 2018.Performance based design can be made by “fire engineers”, members of The Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, Section of Engineers of Technology and Other Engineers.The building regulation in Slovenia is currently undergoing major revisions.

Scheme for obtaining building permission

In the current scheme the investor hands in a complete building design (prepared by registered engineering company) to the national building authorities, located in (58) offices in larger municipalities. The building design includes drawings, descriptions, calculations. The fire safety design must be documented in a fire strategy document and in drawings illustrating the location of all fire safety measures. There are two levels of fire safety design document: for “simple” buildings it can be made by any engineer (the document is called Zasnova pozarne varnosti), for complex buildings by fire safety engineer (the document is called Studija pozarne varnosti).

Remark: In practice, the local building authorities usually don’t have experts who could check the design and are not able to approve the design or not, so they give the building permission if formal conditions are met.

The new regulation is changing the scheme for obtaining building permission. It was published in 2017 and will be legally valid in the second half of 2018. From fire safety point of view, no major changes are expected.

Requirements for performance declaration for building components

Slovenia has adopted the EU harmonized system for classification of resistance to fire and reaction to fire. A list of adopted product standards is published regularly in the Slovenian Official Journal.

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Gradbeni zakon (valid, will be used from 1.6.2018 on)

Zakon o graditvi objektov (will be used until 1.6.2018)

Guidelines regarding prescriptive fire safety design

Guidelines regarding performance based fire safety design

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Other relevant documents regarding general fire safety regulations