VdS: First Guidelines for radio-based FDAS

The current international standards for fire alarm components that communicate via radio […]

May 2022
VdS: First Guidelines for radio-based FDAS

The current international standards for fire alarm components that communicate via radio links do not ensure the reliability of the overall system. VdS is now closing this safety gap with Guidelines available free of charge.

Cologne/Germany, 02. May 2022. Fire detection and fire alarm systems (FDAS) using radio links for communication are faster and easier to install, but there is also a small potential for dangerous interference. While international standards exist for the protection of individual components using radio links (including EN 54-25), there are still none for the decisive interaction of the overall system. So VdS has consolidated as well as supplemented the current requirements and now provides support for manufacturers and users with the first Guidelines on this important matter. As usual, this new VdS publication is practice-oriented and ensures comprehensive reliability.

“One of our many unique selling points is the certification of the reliable interaction of all components as an entire system. After all, only a system that fully functions at all times can save lives and protect entire companies from fire and smoke,” emphasises Rafael Bernsdorf, head of the VdS Laboratory for Special Fire Detection Products. “For optimal effectiveness of radio transmission paths, we offer precise and proven support for free download – in compact 19 pages, also for interaction with wired components.”

The new Guidelines VdS 3897, „Fire Detection Systems with Components using Radio Links, Requirements and Test Methods“, are available at supplement the requirements of VdS 2489 for components.

The usual compact and precise assistance for manufacturers of components using radio links – with optimum VdS reliability: The institute combines more than 112 years of fire protection experience.

About VdS:

VdS is one of the world’s most renowned institutions for corporate safety and security. 500 experts offer a unique range of services for fire protection, security, cyber-security and natural hazard prevention.

Services include risk assessments, testing and certification, inspections, information systems for natural hazards and an extensive training program. In addition, the independent institute sets international safety and security standards with the publication of a comprehensive set of Guidelines.

The optimal protection of our partners is based on a worldwide unique protection concept whose reliability builds on more than 110 years of VdS-experience, combining all core aspects of loss prevention. Decision-makers around the world rely on VdS-approved reliability and safety

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