VdS: EMC tests now also available up to 6 GHz

Europe’s No.1 for safety now offers manufacturers EMC tests with realistic high […]

Oct 2022
VdS: EMC tests now also available up to 6 GHz

Europe’s No.1 for safety now offers manufacturers EMC tests with realistic high frequencies, already in accordance with future EN requirements (pictured one of the institute’s testing facilities).


The number of radio applications in the range above 2.7 GHz is constantly increasing, exceeding the European standard requirements – so VdS adapts its service portfolio and protects manufacturers with cost-effective interference immunity tests for fitting reality as well as future standard demands. 

Cologne/Germany, 4. October 2022. Industry 4.0, digital facility management, distributed systems, IoT, … – radio frequency band usage is constantly increasing. These demands are, for example, being met by allocating ever higher transmission frequencies. Mobile radio standard 5G or technical building equipment such as WLAN already communicate well above the 2.7 Gigahertz limit specified for EMC interference immunity tests in the “product family standard” for alarm systems EN 50130-4. An adaptation of the harmonised standards taking into account higher test frequencies is expected; the generic standards EN IEC 61000-6-1/2 already include these. In view of the quite critical discrepancy between the currently still valid test spectrum and the actual radio interferences, VdS now adapts its service portfolio.

“The standard specifications are being overtaken by reality – as usual, we provide assurance to manufacturers at an early stage,” explains Frank Hunold, head of the EMC laboratories at VdS. “This is why we have already upgraded our absorber halls for testing with electromagnetic fields to 6 GHz. Our customers now have the opportunity to include this in ongoing test procedures at minimal extra costs, thus avoiding separate re-tests at a later stage.“

As usual, the tests are carried out on a high technical level and state-accredited. You can find all VdS product guidelines with precise information on .


About VdS:

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