Several safety risks looming in solar panels in Finland


Solar panels can pose severe safety risks if not installed or used properly. The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK points out that all electrical work done in the electrical grid must be performed by a certified professional. In addition, if a large solar panel is installed on the roof, safe exit routes must be secured.

– There are several types of solar panels available which might tempt people to try to execute do-it-yourself installations. This is however a bad idea – all installations and work done in the electrical grid should be conducted by certified professionals, says Lauri Lehto, Security Expert at The Finnish National Rescue Association.

Solar panels have continuous electrical voltage and depending on the switching, the voltage can become dangerously high. This poses a threat not only to residents and property but also to firefighters when extinguishing fires.

¬ Residents need to have the knowledge and capabilities to act if there is an issue with the device. Well-executed documentation, maintenance and action plans are crucial in these situations, states Lehto.

So far there has been a lack of safety instructions dealing with the installation and usage of solar panels, both nationally and internationally. The Confederation of Fire Protection Association Europe (CFPA-Europe) intends to change this by drafting a guideline on solar panels in 2016.

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