Security Crime Statistics

Now crime statistics from seven European countries are available on the CFPA Europe website

September 2015

Criminal statistics are important in tracking trends in crime generally as well as the development of certain types of crime. The incidence of crime (increasing/decreasing) is, for example, relevant to the evaluation of measures taken to prevent crime and as a basis for political decisions. Furthermore, details of specific crimes are important for the development of recommendations to prevent those particular crimes. For example, methods used by intruders are of great interest to manufacturers of locks, intrusion protection systems, etc.

Therefore in most European countries, figures are collected and statistics are published. As the statistics vary in detail from country to country, no summary is available covering data from the whole of Europe. Nevertheless, the information from the different countries is of considerable interest to all those active in the security market, so CFPA Europe has now published a link to security crime statistics from seven European countries on its website. To view this just go to


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