Qualified personnel – a prerequisite for reliable and efficient Security Systems

Security systems can only be reliable and efficient if they are designed, installed and used by qualified personnel – CFPA Europe has published three new European training schedules for security systems

September 2015

Crime statistics show that there is a growing need for security systems. At the same time, the variety of available systems and techniques makes it a challenge to choose the right system for each application. And last but not least, the basis for good protection is a holistic security concept, developed for the individual application.

Many different persons are involved in the design and installation of security systems, such as those concerned with the process – security consultants, planers and installers of security techniques, but also insurers, authorities (police) and the owner of the client company or organisation (or the individual appointed as responsible for security).

They all need to have knowledge of the different security systems that are available. Therefore CFPA Europe has now developed three new courses for the following security systems:

  • Physical security techniques
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • CCTV (video surveillance systems)

The aim of these courses is to give the participant a basic understanding of the elements and components of the different technical systems. In addition, general requirements and regulations are covered. This imparts a solid understanding of the potential applications and efficacy of integrated solutions employing different security techniques. The knowledge gained is fundamental to the understanding and/or planning of these systems necessary to meet the conclusions of the risk assessment. Knowledge of the tendering process and examples of planning complete each course.

Further information on the training courses and the training organisations offering these courses are available under cfpa-e.eu.

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