New hot work training system in Finland

From the beginning of 2016, hot work training and hot work training […]

Feb 2016

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From the beginning of 2016, hot work training and hot work training relating to roofing and waterproofing have been combined to form one complete training set in Finland. The new combination is part of the Nordic harmonization of hot work training. The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK owns the hot work certificate trademark and the copyrights to the related training materials.

In Finland, hot work safety training has been offered since 1988, and consequently hot work training and licencing have been major factors in decreasing the proportion of major fires caused by hot work in the last 30 years. Both the issuer of the hot work permit and the hot work operator must have a valid hot work licence and thus the number of completed hot work training and hot work training relating to roofing and waterproofing is an impressive 1.5 million. For those with a valid certificate, training completed before 2016 will remain valid until the expiration date marked on the licence, and entitles the licence holder to do only the tasks specified on the licence.

Hot work training is going with the flow

Hot work safety training is also continuously developed to adapt to the changes in the society.

Hot work training is becoming more international: it is being developed in cooperation with Nordic fire prevention associations. A hot work licence issued in Finland is valid in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, and correspondingly, a hot work licence issued in any of these countries is also accepted in Finland. However, all parties involved in hot work must be familiar with and follow the regulations and instructions of the country in which they work.

Another recent development is making the certificate mobile. Holders can download a hot work certificate on their mobile phone for hot work training that is completed after 1 January 2016. Mobile certificate is thus easier to take along, it enables information to be checked from SPEK’s register, specifies the tasks that the licence entitles the holder to do and even reminds the holder of the certificate’s expiration date.

You can read more about the training system in the attachment.

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    Christian Grilz

    March 10, 2023


    we are a company from Austria that is doing a project in Finland this year. So I wanted to ask where our supervisor can take the course “Hot Work” in Austria, Germany or Finland – is there alternatively a possibility to do the course online and do the practice at an Austrian institute?

    Please send me any informations.

    Thank you

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