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Swedish Fire Protection Association (Brandskyddsföreningen)

Lars Brodin


Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

A buildings fire protection shall be designed with adequate robustness to ensure all or large parts of the protection are not knocked out by individual events or stresses. There are two ways to design a building that satisfies the requirements; prescribed design and performance based design. Both methods are equally valid. Often the fire safety design of a building is based on a combination of both methods.

Prescriptive design: Prescriptive design means that the builder meets the requirements through the solutions and methods specified in the general recommendations in Sections 5:2-5:7 in the building regulations.

Performance based (analytical) design: Analytical design means that the developer meets one or more of the provisions in this section througha way other than prescriptive design.
Verification of the building’s fire protection shall be performed through
– qualitative assessment,
– scenario analysis,
– quantitative risk analysis,
or equivalent methods. The methods can also be combined.The verification method shall be chosen for the specific object in view of the complexity of the fire protection.
Regarding buildings with high hazard storage or production, there is an extra “layer” of fire safety legislation. These regulations are prescriptive only.

A qualitative assessment may be used as a verification method if the deviations from the prescriptive design are limited. The same applies if the impact of the design on fire safety is well known and if the design satisfies the provisions with a large safety margin.

Scheme for obtaining building permission

To ensure that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with relevant regulations, the developer of the building should at an early stage consider the need for the relevant competency for the respective tasks which together with the conditions for the design and construction are presented to local authorities to form the basis of the inspection plan.
Fire protection documentation shall be prepared. This shall include information about the preconditions for the fire protection and how the constructed building’s fire protection is designed, along with verification that the fire protection complies with the requirements in Boverket ́s mandatory provisions and general recommendations on the application of European construction standards (Eurocodes), EKS.

Requirements for performance declaration for building components

Generally, Sweden has adopted the EU harmonized system for classification of resistance to fire and reaction to fire.

Note that a CE mark is not considered as an approval for the use of a given product in a specific application. It is just a declaration of selected properties described in the product standard. The person who is going to use a building component must obtain the information in the performance declaration and the CE marking to determine if the product can be used to meet the country’s building rules.

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Guidelines regarding prescriptive fire safety design

Boverkets föreskrifter och allmänna råd om tillämpning av europeiska konstruktionsstandarder (eurokoder)

Guidelines regarding performance based fire safety design

Boverkets allmänna råd om analytisk dimensionering av byggnaders brandskydd