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Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

Spain has two main types of regulation of fire protection: for industrial buildings and for non-industrial buildings.

These regulations establish the provision of fire safety means in each type of building, both in the field of construction and in the field of installations.

There are also requirements to be fulfilled by the fire protection products, installations, installers and maintainers, stated in a different regulation. In essence, this regulation indicates that the products to be installed must have some kind of quality certification, that the facilities must be designed according to the appropiate UNE standard, and that installers and maintainers must be specifically authorized to develop said functions. This regulation only states requirements in the field of active fire protection.

The scope of passive protection, except as regards the quality requirements of elements or products, is not regulated.

There are for the industrial field complementary regulations for petrol-oil installations, storage facilities for chemical products, thermal installations in buildings, high voltage networks, low voltage networks ... that among the security requirements to be considered, incorporate fire safety requirements.

In any case, all legislation revolves around three major objectives, in this order:

- Guarantee the safety of lives.
- Minimize damage to third parties.
- Minimize own property damages.

Scheme for obtaining building permission

Spain has adopted the Eurocodes and Euroclasses to classify the fire resistance and fire reaction of the products.
For the components of fire protection installations, the CE mark, a mark of conformity to a non-harmonized standard, or a favorable technical evaluation of the product made by an accredited body, are accepted.

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Regulation for the provision of fire protection means: • Buildings with Industrial Use: Reglamento de Seguridad contra Incendios en Establecimientos Industriales, RD 2267/2004.
• Buildings with Non-Industrial Use: Código Técnico de la Edificación. RD 314/2006.
Regulation for products, installation, installers and maintainers of active fire protection systems:
• Reglamento de Instalaciones de Protección contra Incendios, RD 513/2017.

Guidelines regarding prescriptive fire safety design

All the regulations mentioned in the previous section are mandatory and prescriptive, although both RD 2267/2004 and RD 314/2006 give the possibility to justify an equivalent safety level based on performance.

Guidelines regarding performance based fire safety design

In Spain, the SFPE Engineering Guide for Performance Based Fire Protection, and the UNE-ISO 23932, Fire safety engineering, General principles, are used as reference for performance based fire safety design.

Other relevant documents regarding general fire safety regulations

Other regulations on Industrial safety that include important prescriptions in the field of fire:
• Reglamento de Instalaciones Petrolíferas, RD 2085/1994 (Petrol-Oil Installations):
• Reglamento de Almacenamiento de Productos Químicos, RD 656/2017 (Storage of Chemical products):