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Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

In Portugal the fire safety framework for buildings is homogeneously applicable throughout the national territory.

The main aspects of the Portuguese regulations:

• buildings are classified in twelve types, according to their functions and uses;

• each type of building is classified in four risk categories, depending on their construction characteristics, height, gross area, number of floors below the reference floor, expected number of occupants, etc.;

• building spaces are classified in six hazardous locations, depending on the activities, materials and the ability of occupants to understand and react to a fire alarm;

• all buildings, regardless their construction date, are required to define and adopt an internal fire protection management system.


Determine the minimum conditions to be met by the design, construction and layout of buildings in order to:

(a) prevent the birth, development and spread of a fire;
(b) ensure the safety of persons;
(c) facilitate the intervention of the fire department

Scheme for obtaining building permission

Licensing of buildings is a competence of city councils.

Requirements for performance declaration for building components

Fire behaviour of construction elements for which Portuguese legislation requires a particular fire performance shall be proved by a classification report issued by a notified body.

Portuguese fire safety legislation defines clearly the fire resistance classes that construction elements of a building need to comply with, depending on the type of building and risk category. Similarly, Portuguese legislation defines also the fire reaction classes that constructions materials of a building need to comply with.

In Portugal, fire performance of construction products is based on the corresponding European Classification.

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Regulamento Técnico de Segurança contra Incêndio em Edifícios - Building Fire Safety Technical Regime, published by

Critérios para a determinação da carga de incêndio modificada - Criteria for the determination of modified fire load, published by Despacho nº 2074/2009, de 15 de janeiro

Registo de entidade na Autoridade Nacional de Emergência e Proteção Civil - Registration of trade, installation and maintenance of fire safety systems and equipment’s companies, published by Portaria nº 773/2209, de 21 de julho

Regulamento de Acreditação dos Técnicos Responsáveis das entidades registadas na ANEPC - Accreditation regulation of Responsible Technicians of fire safety companies, published by Despacho nº 10738/2011, de 30 de agosto

Guidelines regarding prescriptive fire safety design

Regulamento Técnico de Segurança contra Incêndio em Edifícios - Building Fire Safety Technical Regime, published by Portaria nº 1532/2008, de 29 de dezembro

Other relevant documents regarding general fire safety regulations

Technical Guidelines of the Portuguese national fire safety authority (Autoridade Nacional de Emergência e Proteção Civil - ANEPC)