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George Mylonakis


Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

The Legislation related to the Fire Protection of Buildings in Greece consists of:

1. The New Regulation for the Fire Protection of Buildings (Presidential Decree 41/2018) being in force for all new buildings from 07/08/2018 and after.

2. Part of the Old Fire Protection Regulation for Buildings ( Presidential Decree 71/1988) regarding basically the existing hotels and being also valid for old buildings (before 07/08/20180), that stay as they were built (no internal, external alteration or change of use). In case that old buildings undertake significant alterations or change of use the Official Permit must comply with the New Regulation (Presidential Decree 41/2018)

3. Hellenic Fire Department circulars, acting mainly as explanatory instructions for specific cases of application of the above two Regulations and in some cases providing guidelines (not legally binding).

The New Regulation for the Fire Protection of Buildings incorporates:

  • the Euroclass System (classification for Reaction to Fire and Fire Resistance)
  • Specific tighter requirements for tall buildings >23m
  • Specific requirements for buildings of different categories of use and in particular for Health Regulatory Establishments
  • Requirements for the external envelope of buildings in proximity
  • Requirements for external windows
  • Active fire protection measures

Scheme for obtaining building permission

Active and passive fire protection study and drawings is a subfile part of the complete file of documents needed for obtaining the building permission prior to any building works.

After completion of the works, a “building inspector” randomly assigned by the competent authority (named “POLEODOMIA”) makes the final inspection for the implementation of studies and drawings. This is the necessary final (prerequisite) step for applying to the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) and getting a connection with the electricity network.

Requirements for performance declaration for building components

CE marking and Declaration of Performance, in accordance with CPR 305/2011

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Guidelines regarding prescriptive fire safety design