Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

The building fire regulations in Germany consist of three levels:

− Building code of the 16 federal states, which are based on the national model building code as national framework and but may consist different provisions in detail, e.g. permissible area of fire compartment or minimum required size of opening in the external wall as part of the second escape routes

− Additional regulations for special type of buildings or building with special using, e.g. high rise and industrial buildings (see part D)

− selected standards as technical building regulations that are bindingly implemented by the building authority of federal states, e.g. Euro-codes

Note: In the course of building permission, recommendations of the insurers are often and in individual cases used for the design of fire protection systems. e. g. for sprinkler and other fire suppression systems.

Scheme for obtaining building permission

A building permission is still required for special type of buildings or buildings with special using, also in case of possible constructional modification and change of the using.

The Buildings permission must be granted if a building meets all requirements of building code and additional building regulations.

In case of some deviations from the existing fire regulations, a fire protection verification or fire protection concept is required, established by a fire protection expert and checked by the local construction supervisory authorities or by an approved fire protection expert. In addition, the local fire department should be also heard and involved in course of the building permission.

Requirements for performance declaration for building components

The requirements on building components are defined in the

− administrative technical building regulations of the federal states that are based on the national model administrative technical building regulations as national framework and

− mandated European standards for building componentsIn administrative technical building regulations of the federal states, building- and construction-related requirements are defined.

For marketing and using of European construction components, declaration of the performance must be carried out in accordance with European regulations, e.g. with the CE mark.

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Musterverwaltungsvorschriften Technische Baubestimmungen (MVV TB)

Guidelines regarding prescriptive fire safety design

Verordnung über Bau von Betriebsräumen für eletrische Analgen

Richtlinie über den Bau und Betrieb von Hochhäusern

Richtlinie über den Brandschutz bei der Lagerung von Sekundärstoffen aus Kunststoff

Richtlinie zur Bemessung von Löschwasser-Rückhalteanlagen beim Lagern wassergefährdenderStoffe

Guidelines regarding performance based fire safety design

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Other relevant documents regarding general fire safety regulations

Richtlinie über brandschutztechnische Anforderungen an hochfeuer-hemmende Bauteile in Holzbauweise

Richtlinie über brandschutztechnische Anforderungen an Systemböden

Richtlinie über automatische Schiebetüren in Rettungswegen

Richtlinie über elektrische Verriegelunbgssysteme von Türen in Rettungswegen

Richtlinie über Flächen für die Feuerwehr