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Description of the national fire regulation framework for buildings

In terms of fire, the regulations essentially aim to ensure that people are protected. It is important to:
- evacuate all people present quickly or defer their evacuation under maximum security conditions,
- restrict the spread of the fire inside and outside buildings,
- enable access and intervention by the emergency and fire services.

The regulatory texts will therefore lay down protective measures with a view to reducing or containing the effects of the fire. The regulations relating to the prevention of fire risks are substantial and often complex.
In fact, premises which come under the Code du travail [French employment law], ICPE-classified facilities (Installations Classées pour la Protection de l’Environnement - Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection), ERP buildings (Établissements Recevant du Public - Public Access Buildings), IGH buildings (Immeubles de Grande Hauteur - High-Rise Buildings) and residential premises are all establishments that are governed by different regulatory texts.
It is up to employers to choose solutions which enable them to respect all of the texts to which they are subject.

Scheme for obtaining building permission

In lot of cases, a building permit is required. In general, it concerns large-scale construction work. However, it also applies to several other cases (enlargements, transformation of use of the construction ...). The application for a building permit must be sent or deposited at the town hall.

Requirements for performance declaration for building components

Fire behavior in case of fire of a component is appreciated according to its resistance to fire but also by the fire reaction of its constituent materials.
The reaction to fire of a material characterizes, among other things, its ability to be combustible and its ability to ignite. Seven criteria define the European classification (Euroclasses) for building materials. The "fl" (floor) index is added specifically for soil materials.
Fire resistance is the time during which building elements can play their role. 3 criteria (Eurocodes) are used to determine it: bearing capacity or resistance (R), flame tightness and absence of gas emission (E) and thermal insulation (I).

Title of the overall building regulations where fire safety is regulated

Code de la construction et de l'habitation (CCH) – Titre II - Chapitre II : Dispositions de sécurité relatives aux immeubles de grande hauteur.;jsessionid=157F1553D6E4A2DE8C34DFDDFF643786.tplgfr41s_3?idSectionTA=LEGISCTA000006143515 &cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006074096& dateTexte=20180701

Code de la construction et de l'habitation (CCH) – Titre II - Chapitre III : Protection contre les risques d'incendie et de panique dans les immeubles recevant du public.;jsessionid=157F1553D6E4A2DE8C34DFDDFF643786.tplgfr41s_3?idSectionTA=LEGISCTA000006143515&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006074096&dateTexte=20180701

Guidelines regarding performance based fire safety design

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Other relevant documents regarding general fire safety regulations