Multilingual instructions on fire safety for refugee homes

In refugee accommodation, as well as in any residential building, fire may occur. The causes of fire are generally varied and in most cases due to failure in the electrical installation, defects of electrical devices or human error. Therefore, fire protection experts of the German Insurance Association (GDV) have developed a multilingual information leaflet for people in refugee accommodation, in addition to the building and occupancy permit of local authorities with inspection of structural conditions including fire protection measures and to precautions of accommodation operator.

The experts in GDV know from their longstanding work on loss prevention that many fires can be prevented if a few simple rules are observed. In order to inform people who come from different countries to Germany on fire protection and proper behavior in the event of fire, the GDV has summarized this information and translated this into four languages: English, French, Arabic and Farsi. Easy understandable pictograms should illustrate the instructions and support their understanding in addition.









Link to download the leaflet:

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