VdS (Inspected. Approved. Safe.) will stage the first VdS Fire Safety at […]

Jan 2013


VdS (Inspected. Approved. Safe.) will stage the first VdS Fire Safety at the Cologne Trade Fair on December 05th and 06th. // Being the very first fire protection trade fair in the German Rhineland, the VdS Fire Safety will accompany VdS´ specialist conference programme.

Cologne, July 23rd 2012. German Fire Brigades are dispatched al-most 200,000 times each year – a fire breaks out every 3 minutes throughout the country. Total losses due to fires in Germany amount to around 6 billion Euros every year. So there is still plenty to do in the area of fire protection. For this reason, VdS is organising its first “Fire Safety Cologne”, which will be an important professional event for sharing and discussing numerous practical solutions.

The VdS expert conferences “Fire detection and alarm systems” and “Fire protection in existing buildings” as well as the international conference “Fire extinguishing systems” will be held as part of the Fire Safety Cologne on 5th and 6th December at the Cologne exhibi-tion hall. Parallel to this, VdS is organising an accompanying fair with numerous exhibitors on the topics of fire extinguishing systems, fire detection systems, smoke and heat exhaust systems, structural fire protection and services.

“The exhibitions which typically accompany our conferences have meanwhile become so popular that we have always had to turn down clients due to lack of floor space,” explains Ingeborg Schlosser, Head of the VdS Training Centre. “That is why we are now taking the next step: As Europe’s top institute for fire protection, VdS is launching the first fire protection exhibition in the Rhine-land.”

“As with our conferences, we expect to attract the top experts in the sector,” announces Schlosser. “Of course the technical exchange between fire protection professionals also takes centre stage along with the presentation of product innovations and services.”
The VdS Fire Safety Cologne is geared towards planners, installers and operators of fire protection technology as well as towards per-sons responsible for fire protection in the industry or among authori-ties, service providers and insurers. Further information can be found at


    January 2, 2013

    Hi, all of you.
    I wanted to say that VdS Fire Safety Cologne celebrates premiere was awesome. Congrats!!

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