Fire in many languages


“Fireproof housing” is a brochure that provides basic knowledge about fire under Norwegian conditions in 32 languages. It also created a short information film based on the brochure, available in 13 languages.

Target: People with foreign language residing permanently or temporarily in Norway, as well as residents at reception centers.

The brochure is available only in electronic version for download, intended for printing and display. The brochure was created by Norwegian Fire Protection Association, with support from Finance Norway (FNO). Translations: Samtext Norway. Illustration and design: Commando Group. The film is made by Novemberfilm for Norwegian Fire Protection Association, with support from the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and Finance Norway (FNO).

Right click and select “Save As …” on the links below to download the movie in WMV format (NB 55-60 Mb per movie)







 »Kurdish Kurmanji

 »Kurdish Sorani






 Conditions for use of files: The film and the brochure must be used as they are. Changes / edits are not allowed without prior agreement.

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