Sprinkler Operator

The aim of this course, is to give the necessary information for persons who are responsible for the operation and internal maintenance and end user inspection* of sprinkler systems.

Duration : 2 days

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

Individuals responsible for sprinkler system in their premises.


The student will be able to do the periodical internal end user inspections* (e.g. weekly; see sprinkler rules) (* End user inspections should not be mistaken for the professional periodic inspection/maintenance required by national codes and standards to be undertaken by certified external contractors.)

• Basic design
• Means to maintain the operation of sprinkler systems
• Different kinds of sprinkler systems (wet, dry, other water extinguishing systems)
• Components
• Operation
• Problems with old systems
• Introduction to applicable national codes and standards


Optional subtitle «Sprinkler Operator CFPA-E»