Smoke and Heat Exhaust Systems Operator

The aim of this course is to give the necessary information for persons who are responsible for the operation and internal end-user’s inspection* of natural smoke and heat exhaust systems (SHEVS).

Duration : 1 day

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

Individuals responsible for SHEVS in their premises.

Technician recommended

The student will be able to operate the SHEVS and to do the periodical internal end user inspections* (e.g. weekly; see rules for SHEVS). The student achieves the knowledge for evaluation of frame conditions for the SHEVS. In addition to the training course, the student needs an instruction for operation of the SHEVS by the company installing the SHEVS with the aim
• Handling of the installed SHEVS
• Knowledge of the necessary protection measures in case of deactivation or failure of the SHEVS

(* End user inspections should not be mistaken for the professional periodic inspection including function tests as required by national codes and standards which have to be undertaken by certified experts/companies only. Maintenance shall also be carried out only by certified experts/companies.)

• Regulations, applicable standards
• Protection aims and possible applications
• Basic design and functioning principles including relevance of fire load, smoke sections and incoming air
• Components and systems
• Operation
• Means to maintain the operational readiness, end-user inspection