Operator of Stationary Fire Protection Systems and Fire Extinguishers Containing Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases

Training of the personnel, carrying out activities in stationary fire protection systems and fire extinguishers systems, containing fluorinated greenhouse gases, in order to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge according to the requirements of the European Regulation (EC) 842-2006.

Duration : 2 days (16 hours) . 8 hours for theoretical lessons . 6 hours for practical lessons . 2 hours for the examination

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

• Personnel carrying out the following activities, related to fire protection systems:
• Leakage checking of applications containing three kilograms or more of fluorinated greenhouse gases
• Recovery, also with regard to fire extinguishers
• Installation
• Maintenance or servicing
• Technician, Installers, designers and maintenance staff.
• All personnel interested to obtain the certification of necessary skills to carrying out activities in stationary fire protection system and fire extinguishers containing fluorinated green house gases.

Basic Knowledge in fire protection Technician

To give the student tools and knowledge enough to work with classification of hazardous areas.

Basic knowledge of relevant environment issues (climate change, Kyoto Protocol, global warming potential of fluorinated greenhouse gases)
• Relevant technical National and European standards and legislation
• (Basic Knowledge of relevant provisions of Regulation (EC) Nº 842/2006 and of the relevant Regulations implementing provisions of Regulation (EC) Nº 842/2006)
• Fire protection systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases on the market.
• Equipment and tools required for safe handling and work practices.
• Fire protection equipment and components:
• types of valves
• actuators
• safe handling
• discharge and leakage prevention
• Procedure to install fire protection system containers designed to contain fluorinated greenhouse gases
• Correct practices to move pressurised containers containing fluorinated greenhouse gases
• Procedure to check system records prior to a check for leakage and identify the relevant information on any repeating issues or problem are-as to pay attention to
• Procedure to make a visual and manual checking of the system for leak-age in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) Nº 1497/2007 of 18 December 2007 establishing, pursuant to Regulation (EC) Nº 842/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council, standard leak-age checking requirements for stationary fire protection systems contain-ing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases
• Environmentally friendly practices for the recovery of fluorinated green-house gases from and charging of fire protection systems

Written examination

Optional subtitle «Operator of Fluorinated Fire Protection Systems CFPA-E»