Technical Cycle

To provide students with technical knowledge of fire safety and fire protection systems and techniques in industrial and commercial premises

Duration : 15 days (min. 100 hours)

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Identify risks.
  • Understand how to control their causes and minimize the consequences.
  • Understand the scope, use and application of prevention and protection systems and techniques, and the regulations and standards that apply.

  • Safety managers, advisers or consultants
  • Experts, consultants in fire prevention and authority staff
  • Inspectors and insurance professionals
  • Everyone having fire prevention in their scope of activity


• Regulations
• Basic concepts
• Construction
• Energy
• Design, control and maintenance of fire protection systems
• Risks in industrial and commercial premises
• Organisation
• Application of lessons

• 1:2002 F; 2:2007 F; 4:2003 F; 5:2003 F; 7:2005 F; 9:2005 F; 11:2005 F; 12:2006 F; 13:2006 F; 14:2007 F; 16:2008 F; 19:2009 F

Written examination plus a case study management report presented in writing or orally.

Diploma Optional subtitle «Fire Protection Manager CFPA-E»