Fire Protection Management System

The aim of this course is to teach students how to systematically pinpoint risks, develop goals, organise, train, check, document and monitor all aspects of fire safety in order to protect their business.

Duration : 1 day

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

• Fire protection engineers
• Fire protection managers
• Experts and consultants in fire protection
• Those required to undertake fire safety inspections

Basic knowledge in fire protection

Upon successful completion of the course delegates will be able to incorporate fire protection issues into their companies management, business planning routines and quality management systems.

Programme based on CFPA Guideline 1:2002:
• Fire protection policy
• Action plan
• Fire protection organisation
• Training plans
• Fire protection guidelines
• Description of fire protection
• Operating and maintenance
• Instructions
• Control system
• Documentation
• Monitoring

• 1:2002 F; 11:2005 F