Explosion Protection Manager

To provide participants with detailed knowledge of explosion protection management according to EU directives and national legislation.

Duration : 5 days (35 hours)

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

• Fire safety managers and fire protection managers
• Explosion protection managers
• Advisers and consultants


The student will be able to manage company‘s activities concerning risks with explosive atmosphere

• Objectives and programme of the CFPA-E course Explosion (Prevention and protection in places where explosives atmospheres may occur)
• General principles of risk management
• Explosion risk assessment and control
• Explosion risk financing
• Emergency planning
• Organizational measures of explosion protection including coordination duties
• Safety culture and training
• European and national legislation (review)
• Introduction to case study
• Presentation of a case study of in-plant explosion protection

No 25:2010 Emergency plan
No 04:2010 Introduction to qualitative fire risk assessment
No 18:2008 Fire protection on chemical manufacturing sites

Written examination and a case study presented in writing or orally.

Optional subtitle «Explosion Protection Manager CFPA-E»

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