Explosion (Prevention and protection in places where explosive atmospheres may occur)

To provide students with basic knowledge of prevention and protection measurements that is required according to EC directives.

Duration : Min. 2 days

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

• Fire safety and fire protection managers
• Individuals managing flammable liquids, gases or dust
• Advisers and consultants

Basic knowledge of the characteristics of flammable liquids, gases and dust

The student will able to manage a company‘s activities concerning flammable liquids, gases or dust.

• Directive 1999/92/EC and 94/9/EC
• National legislation
• Standards
• Assessment of explosion risks
• Classification of places where explosive atmosphere may occur
• Prevention and protection measurements
• Explosion protection document
• Equipment in explosive atmospheres

• 1:2002 F; 11:2005 F

Written examination

Optional subtitle «Explosion Protection Officer CFPA-E»