CCTV Systems

This training course covers in detail the requirements and conditions of CCTV systems. These basics provide knowledge and understanding of the technical components and functionality of video systems linked with common rules and recommendations. As a result, the participants will gain confidence in the application of knowledge necessary to meet the conclusions of the risk assessment. A methodology is given for rating of the efficacy of video surveillance systems. Knowledge of calls for tenders and planning examples is also included. Finally the course will make reference to relevant legislation in combination with (personal) data protection.

Duration : 3 days

Countries Running the Course

If this course is not available in your country, please contact with your member training.

• manufacturers and distributors
• planners and installers of security techniques
• appointed responsible person for security in companies, organisa-tions and authorities
• security consultants and planners
• employees of insurers
• police authorities
• private security companies

Basic knowledge or experience in the field of electronic security measures are helpful.

• introduction into video surveillance technology
• layout of video surveillance systems
• elements, components and systems of video technology
• application, function and selection criteria for technology and transmission types to be applied in security companies using video techniques
• technical planning and design using case studies
• relevant standards on video surveillance technology
• planning and installation from the perspective of national Guide-lines and regulations and standard series EN 50132/IEC 62676
• recommendations on installation, commissioning and mainte-nance

Basic knowledge or experience in the field of electronic security measures are helpful.