CNPP enters into a contract with Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

In the summer of 2013, CNPP entered into a contract with DBI, […]

Fire Security
Dec 2013


In the summer of 2013, CNPP entered into a contract with DBI, the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, as an associated laboratory of DBI’s certification function.

DBI had to find a new partner when their associated laboratory, Delta, due to a failing market closed down the testing of components and systems to be used in fire detection and alarm systems. As Delta was the only Danish laboratory in this field, DBI was looking for a partner outside of Denmark.

With only a handful of significant European laboratories left to choose from, the choice of CNPP was not difficult. High professionalism and high confidence in CNPP’s products and services were some of the deciding factors that made DBI choose CNPP. Furthermore, quick handling in terms of both testing and report preparation played an important role.

“We knew that CNPP had a very European mindset but actually we were surprised to realize just how much when we first visited”, says DBI senior consultant Finn Massesson, who has no doubts that CNPP is the right partner for DBI.

“We have very high expectations for our collaboration and believe that both DBI and CNPP will, indeed, benefit from it. As CNPP offers a broad spectrum of testing fields, we may even be looking to extend our collaboration fields”, Finn Massesson adds.

About DBI
DBI is Denmark’s leading knowledge centre within fire safety and security. DBI participates in research and development activities and services which are offered to private and public enterprises, institutions and authorities. Moreover, DBI actively contributes to settings norms and standards at national and international levels within fire and security technology.

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