CFPA-E launches a new guideline: “Forest Fires”


Wildfires involve the loss of a major forest area, especially during summer in the southern countries of Europe. This forest loss is difficult to recover. But this loss has to be added to other consequences of fires: injuries and deaths; evacuation of villages; roads and rail cuts; electricity, telephone and water supply disruptions…

Most fires that occur are intentional. Some others are caused by carelessness, and a few of them arise from natural causes (i.e. lightning strike).

CFPA-E is very concerned with the magnitude of this problem and thus launches the Guideline “Forest Fires”. This Guideline has been produced by the Spanish Fire Protection Association (CEPREVEN) in the Natural Hazards Group of CFPA-E Guidelines Commission.

 The purpose of this document is to establish good practice to prevent the occurrence of a forest fire, to describe the main mechanisms to combat it, and to give practical guidance to those living on the countryside or those who like to enjoy the woodlands as recreation places in order to limit the possibility that these activities can be source of a forest fire.

 The guideline is already available at CFPA-E website.

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