Arabic, Persian and Kurdish: new language versions of Fire Safety in the Home


The Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK has published three new language versions of the brochure Fire Safety in the Home, namely Arabic, Persian and Kurdish. The brochure, aimed for immigrants, is now available in nine languages – previous versions include Somali, Russian, French, English, Swedish and Finnish. The Finnish brochure is also available as an Easy to Read version.

The purpose of the brochure, through its multiple illustrations, is to describe how to improve fire safety at home. It includes information on smoke alarms, fire safety issues in the kitchen and sauna as well as information relating to smoking and electrical appliances. There are also action points in case of fire and the need to make an emergency call.

The brochure has been created in cooperation with Helsinki Rescue Department, Tampere Regional Rescue Department, the Finnish Refugee Council/KOTILO project and Metsälä reception center. The brochure has been funded by the Fire Protection Fund and The Finnish Centre for Easy to read has approved the Finnish brochure.

Read more about the brochures here.


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