ANPI and BENOR join their forces to fight fire and theft.

ANPI and BENOR join their forces to fight fire and theft

Essen Security 2016: we are pleased to announce that ANPI and BENOR brand join their forces in a way to promote at best protection against fire and thefts.

Each year in Belgium, 22 000 interventions take place by firefighters, 9000 of them for fires in buildings. These fires provoke many deceases, serious burns, and important material damages. This way, as regards residence fires (house/apartment) 824 persons have been injured and 36 persons have died in 2013. In other types of fires (Vehicles, industrial properties, stores, etc.): these figures come respectively to 334 injured persons for 15 deaths. 31 firefighters have been injured in 2013.

Regarding thefts, no less than 200 burglaries are registered each day in houses for some 18.919 burglaries on annual basis in companies and stores.

Many products are available on the market to help consumers and professionals to protect or prevent fires and thefts. However, a lack of quality can occur. ANPI and BENOR have then decided to join their forces to help consumers and professionals to make the best choice for these specific products: fire blankets, anti-fire safety bins and fire reels (fire hoses and fire hydrants). Regarding prevention of thefts, it will be now possible for the safes to benefit from a BENOR certification.
As from 17 september 2016, each request introduced for certification of fire blankets, anti-fire safety bins, fire reels (fire hoses and fire hydrants) and safes (strongboxes) will now be subject to a unique BENOR certification.

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