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On our website, we use Google analytics to track usage.

Google analytics uses first-party cookies to provide statistical information, for example, numbers of visits to pages, the duration of individual page views, paths taken by visitors through the website and other general information.

Google analytics collects and shares the following information though their cookie.

Privacy Information

Privacy Policy:

Data Collected:

Anonymous (Ad Views, Analytics, Browser Information, Cookie Data, Date/Time, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type, Internet Service Provider, Interaction Data, Page Views, Serving Domains)
Pseudonymous (IP Address (EU PII), Search History, Location Based Data, Device ID (EU PII))
PII (Name , Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Login, EU- IP Address, EU- Unique Device ID)

Data Sharing:

Aggregate data is shared with 3rd parties., Anonymous data is shared with 3rd parties., PII data is shared with 3rd parties., Sensitive data is shared with 3rd parties.

Data Retention:


We may also uses third party cookies in order to collect device data for marketing purposes including but not limited to retargeting when serving adds on the Internet.

Currently we are using AddThis.

AddThis is the world’s largest social infrastructure and data platform. The company creates easy ways for users to share content and enjoy more personal experiences across the web while providing increased traffic, engagement and data for web publishers. (Formerly known as Clearspring Technologies).

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