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Perimeter Protection Systems – more important than ever

Security starts outside the building – CFPA Europe publishes first European training schedule for Perimeter Protection Systems


Numerous public institutions, commercial areas and industrialbuildings as well as their related open areas which are used for storage of material of all kinds are profitable targets for criminals and at the same time the security systems are often not a big challenge.

For many types of operation and sensitive infrastructures, traditionalshell and internal protection is not sufficient.Exterior systems are necessary: perimeter detection and protection systems.

In the new European training course the participants learn about the components of perimeter protection and detection systems and are enabled to evaluate these on their effectiveness and usefulness.

Further information on the seminar and the training organisations offering this course are available under

The information is available for free download here

European Meeting


As part of the celebration of 175 years of voluntary fire brigards in Turku, the chairmen of CFPA Europe, FEU and CTIF met and discussed about the future (Europe 2025), collaboration and common topics to work on.

The successful meeting was hosted by Mr. Pentti Partanen.